The Best of the City,
At Your Doorstep

The Bijou is superbly situated in Toronto’s desirable West End. Refined but vibrant, Bloor West Village is brimming with lovely boutiques, artisanal coffee shops, stylish salons, plus world cuisine to impress and delight any palate. Steal away to see the cherry blossoms and natural splendour of High Park, or take in the dignified charm of the neighbouring Kingsway. With a TTC station steps away from home, the rest of the cit y is brought close enough to touch.


  1. Indoor Pool
  2. Steam Room
  3. Locker Rooms
  4. Lounge
  5. Bar Lounge
  1. Private Dining
  2. Yoga Room
  3. Fitness Room
  4. Elevators
  5. Staircase
  1. Catering Kitchen
  2. Management
  3. Washrooms
  4. Outdoor Area