Coming to Yonge & Eglinton

Inspired by the timelessness of nature and the elements. Driven by a common passion to create a universal space where a continuous energy is fluid and inviting. A space that’s humanized and dynamic. This is the art, the process…

Sound waves travel through space and time like a purposeful gust of wind.

Curated condominium residences in collaboration with Pharrell Williams, Reserve Properties, Westdale Properties, and a hand selected team of consultants ready to push boundaries and create a space for people that feels like home…

Space is only a backdrop. The experience is you.

Music, fashion, design, architecture…what unites us is our love of the artful, the visual, and the structural. This is the swerve. An appreciation for the art itself. The process, inspired by a song. An aesthetic created from the fluidity of movement. Sound waves; an expression. Art is boundless. We know no bounds. This is our time. This is our space.

This is untitled.