COVID19 Policies and Procedures

We at The Real Estate Office Inc., Brokerage know that times are uncertain and we are here to help. We’re doing all we can to ensure the safety of our clients, agents and staff while providing you the same range of essential services no matter your real estate needs. Here are some of the policies and procedures we’re adopting to ensure safer transactions:

Protecting our clients

We ensure our Realtors are well versed in current, up to date COVID19 safety guidelines as per Health Canada guidelines. In all cases, our agents have full support of the brokerage in ensuring you and your properties are safe.

Protecting our Agents

Regular News updates on the latest important information is fed to our Realtors through office communication channels. The brokerage also provides regular COVID19 training sessions and support services so our agents stay safe and protect our clients while out in the field.

Protecting our office

Our offices are well stocked with hand sanitizer, cleaning equipment, PPE and other essentials. Administrative staff are trained on how to deep clean surfaces to ensure maximum safety and do so on a regularly recurring schedule while they are on duty. During off duty hours, our agents know to follow the policies which ensure safe usage of the office.

Protecting our staff

Brokerage staff have weekly meetings where all latest important updates regarding COVID19 health and safety are reviewed by the team. We then update our procedures accordingly so everyone knows how to best protect first themselves and then each other.